Feasibility analysis.
Technical consult.
Cost analysis.
Business plan development.


Project specification development.
Industrial design.
Design development.
3D CAD layouts.

Electronics and software

Circuit design.
PCB layout design.
Control systems development.
Embedded software development.
Software development.

Prototyping & Testing

DVP development.
Testing organization and support.
Testing equipment development.

The Product

Production planning.
Design documentation development.
Documentation preparation for sign out.
Serial production at our facility.
Preparation for serial production at customer facility


Production supervision.
Training and certification of personnel.
Technical expertise.
Warranty service.


We provide as short as possible project timing. As result, we reduce product to market time and save customers money. We are ready to organize 24 hours a day, 7 days a week work on project.


Every process, which have influence on quality, is standardized. Which confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate. Our work is completely transparent to the customer in all stages. We apply the newest design software to avoid mistakes during the design process.


We have gathered highly qualified professionals of different specialties with many years of experience in various fields. The products developed by our team have found application in the automotive, energy, aerospace, electronics and other industries.


Based on the experience, our company tries to find an individual approach to each customer, offer a convenient option for the co-operation, optimal and flexible way relationship. We have the experience of working in cooperation in joint projects, in projects involving other subcontractors.

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    The Team 2TS Engineering
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    The Team 2TS Engineering

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